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Our life long passion to art began when visiting the Greek Theatre in Taormina, where some of our team live.


Travelling to museums across the world become an integral part of our lives.

Having studied and lived abroad allowed us to think about art differently. And we started SARP which stands for Sicily Artist in Residence Program. It was  the first place in Sicily where international artists, collectors and friends could meet, produce works and interact.

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SARP become Clinton Global Initiative

SARP supports the local hospital in Catania to fundraise for the coronavirus emergency.

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After few successful exhibitions of SARP , it became a natural inspiration to expand our activities and we decided to establish Dante Street Gallery

SARP will continue to support artists and the artistic community of Sicily, by hosting workshops, tutorials and public lectures.

DANTE Street Gallery focuses on empowering artists, seeking to fill the gaps between different cultures, artistic traditions and background.  

We are young gallery but we have received some credits from our stakeholders

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