We are committed in creating an enabling environment for artists, collectors , and individuals who share their love for beauty and their desired vocation for the arts. Dante Street Gallery organises a devoted public program where family and friends can exchange ideas via a series of private workshops with artists, talks with curators, film screening, museums and gallery visits. 

As a pioneering center in Sicily for the creative industry Dante Street Gallery connects with artists across sectors such as design, technology, music, cinema and photography. 

Dante Street Gallery also organises a wide range of activities with universities and schools such as the Sicily Artist in Residence Program, as known as SARP. It was accredited by the Clinton Global Initiative for its community reach-out.

SARP is the first international residency program for the creative industry in South of Italy.


In conjuction with leading stakeholders both nationally and internationally, Dante Street Gallery stimulates the public on numerous topics in the area of environment, food, architecture, engineering and sustainability. Dante Street Gallery welcomes international guests and speakers to their facilities through a range of activities and social events.

Dante Street Gallery organises collectors dinners in London, Barcelona and Hong Kong.


Schools and Universities


In conjunction with our exhibition's program Dante Street Gallery works with universities and schools to organise artists in residence program, where young and emerging artist can hone their skills by being mentored by leading established artists. 


Dante Street Gallery provides activities for kids designed by trained psychologists, architects and experts . Kids are able to explore art in different settings. Activities aim to stimulate creativity and learning.



Dante Street Gallery supports artists by providing an inspiring and stimulating environment, where invited artists can produce and exhibit their works.


Artists can spend an extended period of time at Palazzo Previtera, an historical building in Sicily in order to draw inspiration from the local culture and the sorrounding landscape.

This program is for emerging and established artists.

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