Enzo Tomasello, philospher and artists lives and works in Acireale. He is a leading voice of Contemporary Art Sicilian painting. He graduate in Philosophy with a thesis on Theodor W. Adorno and the philosophers of the German School of Frankfurt will be a point of reference for him.


His art is the result of a fruitful literary contamination of poems, songs, and theatrical plays that he cleverly manages to dialogue with and to grasp the sense of existence.


Solo Exhibitions: Galleria De Florio Arte (1993); Novorganismo Gallery (1995); Fondazione Mazzullo (2001); Teatro Arena del Sole, Bologna (2003); Galleria degli Archi (2005); La Chapelle Gallery NewPort, USA (2015)

Group Exhibitions: Convitto delle Arti Noto, Artisti di Sicilia (2020), catalogue Mondadori, by Vittorio Sgarbi

Collections: Museo Osservatorio dell'Arte Contemporanea Sicilia Bagheria, Palermo.

One of his favourite quote:

"It was now a place where one wanted to leave".

The man that was planting the trees.

Jean Giono

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The art of Vincenzo Tomasello is part of the avant-garde movement of the twentieth century.


He analytically expresses a critical spirit towards contemporary society, manifesting a continuous experimentation that redefines the relationship between things and words, in which the path of idea, theoretical and philosophical reflection and the linguistic action are put in the foreground of his canvas.

"The making of a painting is an incessant back and forth between the nothing and the something. A process that is not subject to any rules, but that fluctuates between one state and another, until the painting leaves the studio to travel around the world and ever since it can no longer be reworked. It is a fact, it is very difficult to define art."


Anselm Kiefer