Massimo Scalia

Diffused Colours and Music

23 November - 22 December 2020

"In my case, I used the elements of these simple forms - square, cube, line and color - to transfer what I listen of my music star such as Terry Riley to my canvas."


Music has always evolved hand in hand with technology, so did the evolution of music albums. What about if art had the power to compose music? In his works Massimo investigates the intricate relationship between art and music. The connection between colours and musical textures, makes Massimo Scalia a chromesthesia synesthete. He experiences the sensation of perceiving a color upon hearing specific pitches or timbres, his canvas become an exercise about rhythm, time and space. Going beyond the bi-dimensional images, he employs computer simulations to artificially transform his images to music soundtracks. In his works, lines, colours, squares and cubes become a physical trace of the music scripts, which allow the viewer to browse the paintings and imagine or listen to music. Thus, art has the power to reveal music through the works of Massimo Scalia. 

His works speak to his contemporaries such as Frank Stella, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris. Music stars such as Terry Riley, Steve Reich e Philip Glass have deeply influenced his artistic language. These similarities between artistic movements and music may influence history of art in the future.

Our trusted team of art advisors have selected few works available for collection. These works allow the viewer to explore how music, technology and art work toghether.

Screenshot 2020-10-17 at 21.25.31.png

Signs of change

Massimo Scalia


drypoint and etching on zinc

original work

cm 21,5 x 25

Exercises on Space and Time

Massimo Scalia


Chalk,  acrylic polymers, acrylic on wood panels

Paintings and sound installation

cm 383 x 248

Music influencing this work

Terry Riley 1964: in C. Listen here.


Space hypnotic grid

Massimo Scalia


Ink on paper, framed on canvas

The rythm of colour

Massimo Scalia


acrylic on paper, framed on canvas

cm 70 x 100



Born in Sicily, he studied  photography and advertising graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. In Milan he frequented the major exponents of the Italian neoavant-garde artists, especially the representatives of Visual Poetry, such as Eugenio Miccini. His numerous stays in Dublin and London allowed him to explore music, technology and art.


He joined Dante Street Gallery in 2020.


Selected Exhibitions

2020, Diffused Colour and Music, Dante Street Gallery, London.

2017, Massimo Scalia at Art Dubai.

2015, “Paratissima 11”, Exhibition Turin.

2006 "Massimo Scalia", Galleria San Fedele, Milano.

Private Collection

Rome Art Collection, Italy



2016 "MY MONO", Art Open Space

2005 "Arti Visive San Fedele” Galleria San Fedele, Milano


2011, “National Geographic”, Places, Roma.